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This is the most decent dental experience I have ever had!” – Kisha N.

“Dr. Frank was terrific as was his dental assistant. Professionalism personified!” – Stanton G.

“My root canal was slightly more difficult than normal, but was performed very professionally and without any discomfort!” – Norris C.

“I was very impressed.  The root canal procedure was explained step by step. I felt very much at ease” – Linda S.

“The Doctor and Staff were great! Very caring people.” –Mike S.

“The Endodontist went out of his way to discuss my treatment plan with me”-Lindsey D.

“I was scared, but with the professionalism and patient manner shown to me my fears were erased.” – Capricia C.

“Dr. Castano is personable, gave excellent explanations and gave me choices.  Totally pain free experience.” – Anonymous

“I was nervous, they made me at ease and comfortable.”– Marilyn T.

“I am the biggest coward you will ever meet; the Endodontist eased my fears, kept me updated throughout the entire procedure about what he was doing and how much longer it would be.  I left there feeling good.  I would definitely go back myself and would recommend them to my friends.” – Anonymous

“Doctor and staff made me feel at ease. The procedure was quick and pain free.” – Angela L.

“Great Job! Best root canal I’ve ever had.” – Richard B.

“Everyone was so pleasant; I was given information up front as to what was going on.” –Laurie.

“Wow this staff is so friendly and they went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable and had the right dental plan to save me the most money.”– Danielle M.

“Dr. Castano from Surprise Endodontics was amazing.  I was in and out in 1 hour and felt ZERO pain – from the shots, the drilling, the clean out, and filling over my crown.  I will need additional root canals down the road and I will ONLY go to him to get this work done. Never again let a dentist do your specialty work – insist on an endodontist (Surprise Endodontics).  They weren’t any more expensive than the dentist fees but it was done in 1/3 of the time.  They are experts!” – Anonymous

“I have had quite a few root canals in my life and this was the best!” – Maryann F.

“Root canals are never fun, but Dr. Castano is amazing! He explains what he can see and gives you real advice, whether you actually need a root canal or not. When my dentist told me I needed a root canal immediately, Dr. Castano told me I didn’t have an infection and that a root canal was not absolutely needed that day. After talking more with him I decided to go ahead and get the root canal. The process was not bad at all! He is hilarious and entertains you the entire time. You almost feel like you’re not getting a root canal if you keep your eyes closed! The other staff is amazing too! Monique works the front counter and greeted me with a huge smile when I first walked in and made me feel welcome, not scared. Overall, everyone there was awesome and if I ever need a root canal again I know where I’m going!” – Abby I.

“My root canal was less painful and less traumatizing then getting a filling done.” – Jenn M.

“It’s hard to believe that one would say they “love” going to the Endodontist, but that’s exactly how I feel about Dr. Castano and staff!” -Paula A.

“Office team worked extremely good and professionally.” -Ernie

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Surprise Endodontics is the #1 Endonotic Practice in the Phoenix Area. Schedule an appointment today to address your tooth pain needs.

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Surprise Endodontics is the #1 Endonotic Practice in the Phoenix Area. Schedule an appointment today to address your tooth pain needs.